hi im joey

"You lose it if you talk about it.”
— Ernest Hemingway, The Art of Fiction  (via hollowstimulation)




the “i’m not afraid to verbally assault a middle schooler if they look at my kid the wrong way” haircut


I thought this was the “I would like to speak with a manager” haircut

it’s both.

Track: Addicted To Love

Artist: Florence + The Machine

Album: Lungs (Deluxe Edition)

Plays: 10,127

Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.

  • iPhone user: I'm so excited to get the iPhone 6
  • Android user: Why do people with iPhones think they're so much better than everyone else
  • iPhone user: I just like this pho-
  • Android user: The Samsung Anus5000 had that screen *snort* like 2 years ago! *glomping noise* How are you enjoying 2012 you mindless sheeple?? *uses inhaler to suppress incoming asthma attack*


my fashion sense is called i am cold and pissed off


when you go in the bathroom and you don’t know if it’s water or pee on the ground



I’ve never broken a bone which just seems too suspicious to me I probably don’t have any bones



have you ever gotten to that certain point in the school year where you just


Ah, yes. The second day.